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Mallorca 312

29th April 2023

This Sportive was one of the hardest rides I've ever done. 312km with approx. 5000m of elevation in around 28degrees of heat. Only just making the cut off time at around 210km, I managed to complete the full distance in a moving time of 12hrs 18mins with an elapsed time of around 13hrs 36mins. I ended up finishing 1459 out of 8000, so I was very happy with that. However, none of this actually matters, the fact is that this was another one of my challenges I wanted to train for and try my best to finish. More importantly there was a group of 6 who rode various distances and raised more money for brain tumour research.

Supported by our wives we had a fantastic weekend on a fantastic island. Highly recommend a visit for cycling/running or just a holiday.

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