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21st June 2021

I decided to take on the challenge of Everesting. Everesting is to cycle the height of Everest in a single ride on a single hill. This was a total of 366km with nearly 9000m of climbing which took me just over 24hrs. I undertook this challenge whilst on my 17 cycle of chemotherapy. The hill I chose was Box Hill in surrey. Box Hill is 2.5km in length with an average gradient of 5%. For this challenge I wanted to raise as much money as I could for the Lewis Moody foundation/Brain Tumour Charity. I particularly chose this date because it was the longest day of the year, therefore hopefully not having to do too much night riding. Unfortunately for me the weather wasn’t so kind. It was possibly the worst weather I could ask for and it did not stop raining for the entirety of the challenge. The support I had from my family and friends was incredible. I had people coming to ride with me, supply me with food and drink and generally supporting me.

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